The Courage to Change:

For Extraordinarily Talented Leaders

Who don’t want to be in the same place 3 years from now


Who want to solve the world’s big challenges

Hello, I’m Jan Wallen.

I am an expert at inspiring Courage, Confidence & Charisma in extraordinarily talented and brilliant leaders who see that there’s a better way – to do things, to solve challenges, to fix “broken” systems and make a real difference. They’re not able to make those changes in their current situation and want the freedom and autonomy to make them.

  • Have powerful impact in the world
  • Live by their Values
  • Be who they authentially are, and put their Visions out there — live their dream life, not what others expect or be limited by corporate culture.


My clients are high performers who are already successful. They take action and do what it takes to move forward. And they have a track record to show for it. They are or have been in situations where they weren’t able to put their new ideas in place.

They are multi-talented and have done many things in their career and life. Some traveled throughout the world. Some are introverts, quietly achieving, reaching and exceeding goals. Some are Outliers and Originals who see the world from a different perspective than most people and see ways to make things better for everyone.

They have a Vision and a mission and know there’s something bigger for them. And they’re committed to stepping up and making it happen.

I’ve been there, and done exactly that, several times in my career and life. For example, I went from corporate sales and CRM, to selling skills consultant, to author, to social selling and social media expert, thought leader and media authority (ABC, CBS, Fox News and CNN). Plus I lived, worked and traveled in Europe and Asia for ten years, and learned the languages and met interesting people everywhere.

When I was doing my work over the last 5 years, I realized that there were many people who have looked at their lives, and they don’t want to be in the same place three years from now. They want to be happier, have a powerful impact, leave a legacy, and have strong relationships and time for friends, family and travel.

They want to change their lives, though it seems impossible now. And they don’t have the courage or self-confidence to do what they really, really want to do.

That’s why I started the Courage to Change Conversation and the Courage to Change Mastermind Alliances. (You can learn more about me here.)

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Powerful Coaching for Extraordinary People

Does This Sound Like You?


Jan, I want to thank you for your energetic, clear and friendly approach.  You encourage and demonstrate, with no pontification.  How refreshing.

Your approach is inviting yet firm: you say it like it is, without exaggerating.  Still, you create hope: You can do it – is the overarching theme, and I can help!  Love it.

I am especially pleased by the alignment between what you say and what you do.  You promise customer service and care, and you demonstrate it daily – not just with homilies, but also with immediate value through education, encouragement, and example.

I know what it is.  You make life easy for people who think their barriers are real.  Like stress, you imply, they are optional – and with purpose and work they’re gone

Mike Barr

Executive Coach