For executives who are feeling stressed out, stuck and held back and want to start their own business and create the freedom and life they’ve been dreaming of

  • Creating your Corporate Freedom Gameplan

  • Decoding your ExpertiseDNA™ fingerprint that differentiates you

  • Packaging your Expertise into your Signature Program

  • Putting you on the path toward your lucrative profitable business

  •  Avoiding the gap that often happens after leaving corporate or a job — with no clients and little revenue



You’re leaving corporate so you can do things your own way and pursue your passions.

You can leave with a Gameplan to set up your business before you leave — and skip the gap of no clients and little revenue after you leave.

The fact is, high achievers who’ve been successful in a corporate setting – and are ready to make a real difference in the world – often find their biggest challenge is identifying the right area of expertise.

You don’t lack an “entrepreneurial gene” that would make everything easy, and you’re definitely not stupid.

It’s because you’re multi-talented and you “can” do many things – and have done them. Only you’re not living your life or calling.

The way most of us are taught how to find our niche doesn’t work. To build a sustainable lucrative business, your niche must come from inside you. And not from what everyone else is doing. Or a niche that someone else says they’re successful with.

Your ExpertiseDNA is your unique combination of values, passions, skills and experience that differentiates you from others who do something similar. When you know your ExpertiseDNA™, you know:

  • what is unique about you – what differentiates you
  • who your Ideal Clients are – and who is not a good fit, so you don’t waste your time
  • what to say on your website, sales pages, social media profiles and networking
  • your Ideal Clients’ pain points and benefits to use for your website and sales page copy
  • the best business model and team members to support you – and who to hire first, even if you don’t have a lot of money yet
  • how to develop and maintain your confidence so nothing sabotages you

You’ll know exactly what to do to set up a sustainable lucrative business, and what will work for you. You’ll also know what doesn’t work. All of your decisions will be easier.

You’ll be grounded in who you are and the best way for you to share your talents with the world.

And you’ll differentiate yourself and your business and position it for your Ideal Clients, so they say, “Yes, let’s start” instead of “No” or “I’ll think about it”.

I’m Jan Wallen. I design Gameplans for successful people who are leaving corporate life or their job to start their own business and create their life of freedom and purpose.

Are you ready to declare your independence, design your Corporate Freedom Gameplan, decode your ExpertiseDNA™, package your expertise and profit from it?

Schedule your Corporate Freedom Gameplan Call today – and let’s get it done before another day goes by.