Cut Through the Hype — Do What Works — Have More Time


Simplify your Sales.

Simplify Social Media.

More Clients in Less Time. 



I’m a sales and social media strategist for service-based entrepreneurs who want to reclaim as much as 1 day/month of their time, leave early and still have more clients. 

For example, you can:

  • Increase the size and scope of engagements as much as 25% — and increase your revenue
  • Cut the time from connecting on social media to becoming a client to less than 30 days
  • Double your income by having audience members ready to buy your books and services before your presentation is finished
  • Fill group programs — virtually (never meeting in-person, only online)
  • Book your first speaking engagements and as a podcast guest, in less than 8 weeks
  • Be positioned as the Expert and receive the biggest check and most profitable client in your business’ history
  • Have a non-salesy sales conversation that doesn’t sound like a script, and enroll clients after 1 or 2 calls

My clients often start seeing results in the first week or two. 

For example, over half of the participants booked multiple speaking engagements and podcast guest spots less than 2 weeks after my Speak to Sell program. 

If you’re working all the time and want similar results — and want to shorten your days,

Let’s chat. 


Pressured with too much to do?  Too little time?

Not knowing where to spend it? 

And pulled in all directions? Sales. Marketing. Customer Service. Consulting. Client Projects. Fighting Fires. Finances. Staff. Leading . . . and more.

And Social Media? Where’s the time for that?!?!

(Let alone time for family, fun, travel and vacations! And the lifestyle you dream of living?)

I was once like you. For years I worked hard in corporate, and then in my own business — because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Until I realized that I was missing out on some of the best things in life — my family, friends, fun, the lifestyle I quit corporate to create.

There are a million things you can do.

What’s the one thing that will fast forward your sales and take away the time pressure?

In working with clients for 10+ years, I’ve tracked it. It comes down to one thing

Simplifying Sales and Social Media.


Now it’s my mission to help you do the same thing.

There’s a lot of hype out there, and many, many people saying their way is “the” way to get more clients. The trouble is, it’s their way. Not necessarily the way that will work for you.

How do you SIMPLIFY?

Master the only 3 things you must know to guarantee new clients.

  1. Generate Leads – In person. Referrals. Introductions. Social Media
  2. Connect and Engage with Prospective Clients – Your Story. What to Say. What Not to Say. Where Social Media Fits
  3. Follow Up & Close – The Sales Conversation — non-salesy, with intention, 

And eliminate the Sales Time Sponges.

Time Sponges — What are yours?:

  • Your Online Presence – Social Media & LinkedIn — You’re invisible or in the wrong places. Your message is confusing. 
  • Prospects – You’re marketing to “everyone”. They’re not ready to work with you. 
  • Challenges – Your services don’t solve their real challenges and give them the Outcome & Results they want.
  • Your Solutions – Your message is about the “How”, not the Outcome & Results they’ll receive. They don’t see the value.
  • Your Sales Conversation – You’re not comfortable with it and aren’t clear. You keep talking when you’ve made the sale or don’t ask.

What keeps you working too long? To find out – Let’s chat. 

We’ll have a 17-minute conversation to zero in on how you can SIMPLIFY your sales and eliminate your specific Time Sponges that keep you from more sales. And you’ll know exactly how you can leave work early, have more time and still bring in more clients. If you’re open to it, we may talk about how I can map out your Blueprint and help you put it in place.

For your Expert Online Presence Audit to find out if your online presence shows you as the Expert — OR keeps people from buying from you  — send an email to Jan here 


How I can help you:

When we work together, we’ll go through a proven process that I have been using for over ten years to help people just like you SIMPLIFY and get more clients. Everything we do is designed for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have time to do things that don’t work. And who want to do things the right way the first time — and get results. 

When you work with me, you sidestep the speed bumps that so many entrepreneurs experience. You will be able to simplify your sales and social media — and never go back. 

Are you ready?

If the answer is YES, schedule a call with me today to SIMPLIFY your sales and social media and give you time back. 

Let’s chat.