You’ll find ideas and resources — things you can do in 10 minutes or less. When you follow them, you’ll save time and be more productive and successful with social media to accomplish your goals — growing your business, or in a job search.

Take 10 minutes after you read them to put these in place, and use them consistently, in a focused way.

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Why Social Selling, LinkedIn and Networking Are All About Leverage

There’s a lot of buzz now about “social selling”. What is it? And does it really work? Social selling is using LinkedIn and social media as one of the tools to find, reach, and engage potential clients, build relationships and trust, and help companies solve their...

Are your Social Media Profiles Hurting You?

Your social media profiles are your sales pieces, and their purpose is to show the reader that you’re the best one to work with. To be compelling, your profiles must tell people what you do, what’s in it for them — the question everyone is asking when they read...