You’ll find ideas and resources — things you can do in 10 minutes or less. When you follow them, you’ll save time and be more productive and successful with social media to accomplish your goals — growing your business, or in a job search.

Take 10 minutes after you read them to put these in place, and use them consistently, in a focused way.

I welcome your ideas for topics and challenges to cover here. Contact me by email or phone.

Is your Discovery Call a Time Sponge – or a Time Saver?

Have you ever gone all the way through a discovery call or strategy session, only to find your prospective client says, “No” or “I can’t afford it?” – or simply doesn’t decide? It’s disappointing. Frustrating. Discouraging. And you’ve wasted time, taken time away from...

How to Stand Out from the Crowd Top 10 Checklist – Part 1

Do you look like everyone else? Look at your social media profiles. And your website. Find five other people who do what you do – if you’re a health and wellness coach, find five other health and wellness coaches. If you’re a business coach, find five other business...

The Purpose of Social Media – Build Relationships

We use social media every day. 65% of American adults are social media users. (Pew Research Center) Almost 9 in 10 companies in the United States use social media for marketing purposes (AdWeek) 75% of online adults use Facebook (Pew Research Center) 467 million...