You know that you want to make changes, and are committed to making those changes. You’re “All-In” and ready to go.

Where to start?

My Dream V.I.E.W. routine has guided my changes, and those of my clients.

Ask yourself the same questions, and start moving toward your Dream Life now:

V – Vision & Clarity — What is my BIG Vision? (based on who you are, what you want to do to make a difference, and who you want to impact)

I – Impossible? – What makes this seem Impossible right now? (no time, no money, stress, don’t know anyone, no support, skills required, limiting beliefs, no support, etc.)

E – Expand into Action – What can I do Today / for 10 minutes / This Week to put my Vision into action? (learn new skills, be more strategic about social media, write a plan, find people who are living their dream lives, block out quiet time to think, exercise regularly, etc.)

W – What Will It Take? – What will it take to make the changes toward living my Dream Life? (a complete turnaround? New skills, a new mindset, read inspiring books, personal development, a change in jobs – with my company or another company – make the most of my free time, less TV, etc.)

To keep your Dream V.I.E.W. going, I highly recommend that you start a morning routine that has 3 steps. You can do it in 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes, if you’re rushed one day.

The Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod ( for free downloads and resources)

The Freedom Journal by John Lee Dumas ( and for a 30-day PDF)

My Dream V.I.E.W. and Impossible Dream Big Picture Worksheet or send an email to with Big Picture in the Subject line)

Raychel was a silversmith and had made beautiful jewelry for many years when we first started working together. She was a member of one of my Mastermind groups. When she first started, she said that her life-long dream had been to open a jewelry school. She’d always thought it was impossible. The other Mastermind members asked her questions, and gave her some information on what she could do to start her school. She was inspired and went into action. Then 6-8 weeks after she talked about her dream, she opened her school. Now she offers classes every month, and instructors come from the U.S. and Canada to teach at the Hudson Valley Silverworks.