You took the leap so you could do things your own way. So why does growing your business feel like you’ve hit a wall?


You left corporate to find your calling. So why does doing what you love feel so freaking hard?  

You took the leap to follow your passion. Why does growing your business feel like you’ve hit a wall?  


If you’re a smart person who can’t understand why building a business feels so difficult, you’re not alone. You don’t lack an “entrepreneurial gene” that would make everything easy, and you’re definitely not stupid.  

The fact is, high achievers who’ve been successful in a corporate setting – and are ready to make a real difference in the world – often find their biggest challenge is identifying the right area of expertise.  

If you’re not getting the clients or cashflow you want, it’s probably because you’re not standing out from the crowd.  

You already know that finding your “niche”, and packaging it so that it’s irresistible to your people, is the key to a successful business. Should be simple, right?  

And yet, despite all the courses and programs you’ve taken (and those “find your niche!” worksheets you’ve dutifully printed out and completed…)  

  • You’re not sure if the niche you’ve picked is really the right choice 
  • Finding clients still feels like a challenge – shouldn’t you be further along by now, with all the hard work you've put in? 
  • Knowing what to say at networking events and writing your website has you wanting to scream (why is this so much harder now you’re doing what you love?) 

Your ExpertiseDNA™ shows you how to decode and package your expertise, and your Niche of Ideal Clients  

What no one tells you is this: Identifying your niche, and packaging it clearly, is especially challenging if you started off with these types of skills:  

  • Adaptability and flexibility  
  • Strategic thinking and problem solving  
  • Confidence and the ability to convince others of your point of view 

In a corporate setting, these are exactly what you need to “climb the ladder and impress. They hinder you now. 

As a business owner, they can actually hinder you.  

So it’s completely normal to find that after the soul searching that led to you starting your business, selling, marketing and growing your revenue feels... draining.  

When it comes to differentiating yourself from the sea of solopreneurs out there, you need a different set of strengths:

  • Narrow focus and the confidence to say “no” to any distractions
  • Intuition and connection to your feelings (over and above your hundred-mile-an-hour intellect) 
  • Vulnerability and the willingness to admit when you don't know - and ask for help

The good news is, these strengths can be learned and implemented, when you’re given the right support. And they will lead you to the RIGHT niche for YOU.  

The way most of us are taught, niching doesn’t work  

I see a lot of programs and courses teaching niching from the outside in. You’re told to look around at what others are doing, or at who you’d like to work with, and choose a niche that you like the sound of. Some people even advise you to ‘just pick any niche’ to get started. This is terrible advice! As a smart, capable business owner you CAN do a lot of things – but it’s only by doing what you’re uniquely wired to do that will actually move your business forward.  

My story: from sales to solopreneur  

My corporate background was in sales, where my secret to creating results was redesigning generic sales presentations to fit local contexts: from the 30 seconds you have in New York to get someone’s attention (and have them say YES!) to places where they don’t do business until you talk politics and sports, or a state where they’re used to working by phone more than in person. In other words? Shaping my offer to fit the specific context, or niche, I was working in.  

When I moved into consulting I used that same concept to help me guide clients to success. And when social media changed the world of selling and buying, I realized just how important this skill would be for everyone. So I created The Social Selling Blueprint and wrote my second book The New Social Selling Revolution, with the solutions to those challenges. Eventually, I decided to leave the corporate world and become a coach. Like so many of us I wanted to make a difference and enjoy the freedom to design my own life. But I quickly noticed that a lot of my fellow solopreneurs were facing the exact same problems I’d solved in my work with C-level executives. So many smart, strategic thinking business owners weren’t making the progress they could, simply because they weren’t being given the right guidance to own their unique expertise. 

My years of experience taught me that a successful, sustainable niche begins with looking inwards and discovering who YOU really are. It’s why I call it your Expertise DNA – because the blueprint for who you help and how you help them is already within you, contained in your unique combination of values, skills, talents and experience.  


Figuring out exactly who you’re meant to work with is straightforward– when you have the right support.

And when you know exactly who your clients are, and specifically why they would want to work with you, specifically... everything falls into place. 

  • How to package your expertise into your unique Core Signature Program and services, so you’re not coming up with a new custom package every time
  • Understanding the value of your work so you know how much to charge 
  • What to write on your website and sales pages 
  • Where to show up so that your clients can find you 
  • Exactly what to say to connect and impress at networking events (without sounding like a used-car salesman)  

“Through Jan's coaching I've determined my coaching niche. She has been instrumental in helping to create my signature 7- step system that makes me stand out and differentiates me from other coaches. It gives direction to my coaching, shows the progress clients make, elevates their belief in themselves and at the same time empowers them to take massive action.” 

~ Myles Beecham, Performance Coach 

“What an AMAZING session, Jan!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!! Your insight, clarity and wisdom created a massive BREAKTHROUGH for me for how I describe what I do for my clients. Thanks to you, I talk about the results my clients get from working with me – what they really want. That way, they can say, “I can’t wait to work with you”. I am feeling elated and liberated after recognizing and releasing limitations and labels that kept me stuck and prevented me from moving forward. Oh what a relief, and what deep gratitude I have for you. Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank you!! 

~ Tracy Wainstein, Transition Coach

So how do you get there?  

Your ExpertiseDNA™ is your unique combination of skills, values, and expertise that sets you apart, shows you the perfect business model for you, and leads directly to your W-H-Y — your BIG Purpose, mission and passion.  

In years of doing this work I’ve learned that it’s near-impossible to decode it on your own – especially if you’re intelligent, flexible and strategic in your thinking.  

So I developed Your ExpertiseDNA™ Launchpad as a practical process that allows business owners like you to finally get the traction you need to move your business forward.  

Your ExpertiseDNA™ Launchpad: Position your business to connect to your clients  

In this small group, 8-week program, you’ll....

  • Decode your ExpertiseDNA™ -- your unique combination of values, skills, passions and experience that differentiates you from other coaches who provide similar services.  
  • Learn how to package your expertise and services (so they say “When do we start?” instead of “No” or “I’ll think about it”)
  • Match it to your Ideal Clients, so you know exactly who they are and why they’re looking for the value only you can provide (no more wasting your time on time-sucking discovery calls that go nowhere)
  • Know what to say on your website, sales pages, social media profiles and when you talk to your potential clients to attract them to you like a magnet  
  • Identify the right business model and team members to support you – and who to hire first, even if you don’t have a lot of money yet  

The result? First and foremost, you can relax, knowing that you have a steady flow of the right clients, and are creating the value that enables you to earn a sustainable living.  

You’ll find time and focus and start loving your business again.  

Most importantly, you know that you’re using your talents as fully as possible to make the biggest difference in the world.  

The transformation you help your clients make creates a ripple effect that will impact thousands of lives. And that’s why I’m so committed to helping you discover your ExpertiseDNA™ and start experiencing the success you’re capable of.  

“Wow! I just really had so much click into place. I've been struggling with my worth, owning my worth, charging for it, you name it. Your ExpertiseDNA™ Launchpad has given me a clarity I have not had before. I've tried to do this many other times, but now something’s totally shifted. After … learning about my ExpertiseDNA™, it finally hit me how valuable I really am … My clients will be getting amazing information!”  

~ Diahana Barnes, Success and Business Coach  

What makes this different

This isn’t an online program where you’re given a bunch of content, sent homework, and left to figure things out.  

(That’s exactly the kind of thing I did a lot of when I started out as a business owner – and so many of my clients did too. No shame – but that’s not how I do things around here.)  

This is a highly supportive, fully guided learning experience that will support you to identify and package your unique skills, talents and values. On our live calls and through the exercises we’ll complete together, you’ll actually do the work, guided by me and supported by the small group of fellow business owners.

You’ll leave knowing exactly what to do to set up a sustainable, lucrative business based on the specific problems your ideal clients have and how you’re uniquely positioned to solve them.  

You’ll also know what doesn’t work, so you’ll make the right decisions for you, your business and your clients. Everything about marketing, selling and delivering your offerings will be easier. You’ll be centered and grounded in who you are and the best way for you to share your gifts with the world.  

“You eased my stress and helped me move from paralysis to ACTION!! You have a real knack for making something complicated seem easy. I am deeply indebted to you for your help. Thanks a bunch!” 

~ Heidi Schaden, Life Coach  

The details  

Your 8-week ExpertiseDNA™ Launchpad contains 8 Modules plus 3 individual 1:1 coaching sessions (30 minutes each during the program)

In our special Kickoff 1:1 session before the program starts, we’ll connect to discover your learning style, help you get the most out of the program, and make sure we’re addressing your specific needs (this is a small group, tailored program – no one-size-fits-all)  

We learn and also apply the concepts DURING the sessions – no struggling to complete worksheets on your own! The only homework you’ll get is to expand on what you’ve already learned and done.

  • Starts in May 2018 
  • Plus an Implementation Day to work on your core package, web copy or anything you want to get finished
  • Facebook group for further support (you’ll be invited when you start the program) 

This program is limited to 12 participants, so everyone receives individual attention. You’ll be invited to partner up with another participant, so that you can create accountability and share ideas.  

“In less than 8 months, my jewelry school was open – including writing a business plan and getting the financing. I never thought that a group of people who had no knowledge and understanding of my business could help – and it turned out that that was exactly what helped. They could see things from a different perspective.”  

~ Raychel Wengenroth, Hudson Valley Silverworks

Your Investment  

Applications are currently open – just click here to book in a call and find out if this program is a fit for you.  

I’ll only work with you if I’m certain this program will make a real difference to your business. Due to the hands-on nature of this, I am invested in and committed to each and every participant, so if this isn’t what your business needs right now, I will tell it to you straight.  

But Jan, I’ve already invested so much in my business! 

I get it – because when we’re used to succeeding, we tend to pull out all the stops to make things work. Without knowing your niche at a deep level, most business programs don’t work – and so we get tempted by the next Facebook ad or Sales page, thinking “this is the one that’ll make the difference!” Here’s the thing: I truly believe that if you’ve felt the pull to become a part of the new movement of solopreneurs, it’s for a reason. Following your calling and leaving corporate life takes courage – especially when you’ve been successful. So it breaks my heart to see intelligent people spinning their wheels at the very start of their journey, simply because no one has given them the guidance they needed to identify their area of genius. The truth is, your ideal clients ARE out there. They are looking for you, hoping to find someone with exactly your set of unique skills and experience, and they are READY and WILLING to pay good money for your services. But until you have discovered EXACTLY what makes you unique, how to package your expertise, who those ideal clients are, all the work you do to set up systems, show up on social media and create compelling marketing material will fall flat. You won’t get the flow of clients (or cash) that you need to make your business sustainable, and you’ll likely find yourself wondering if this really is the path for you. It’s time to stop second-guessing, over-thinking, struggling, and join us!