My Mission: starting from my Mission  

I found my Mission and designed my business around it.

What is it? Helping people who are feeling stressed out and stuck and held back in their corporate life and job leave corporate to start their own business and create the life they’ve dreamed of — one that’s aligned with who they are and their purpose. I help them leave with a Corporate Freedom Gameplan so they don’t sacrifice their income and experience the gap that often happens after leaving corporate — with no clients and little revenue. 

Here’s how I’m doing it.

My story: from sales to solopreneur

When I was growing up in I saw corporate people around me, and that seemed like the best path for me, so that’s what I did. 

I started as an account executive based in Manhattan with my sales territory all over the Midwest US. I came in and I was so jazzed up
and excited about it. I started doing everything that the role required – the cold calls, the travel, everything. I jumped right in and quickly learned what
it took to be successful. After a while I got good at it and I asked myself what’s next.

Then PWC brought me in to start and manage a selling skills program for their partners in 24 offices across the US. I came in and again was
excited about doing this – a lot to learn, a lot to do, challenging goals plus travel and wonderful people. In less than two years the program was very
successful. We increased the size and scope of engagements as much is 25%. I continued to do that until again I noticed I was comfortable in that role and asked myself what’s next.

Then I stepped into CRM — rolling out a CRM system for a national sales force of 25 salespeople all over the US. Again, it was challenging, and I was super excited about it. I pulled together a top tech team and we rolled it out on time and on budget – in less than 3 months. Then it was finished, and I was bored and had to figure out what’s next.

Deciding to leave corporate 

jan-standing-brown-vertical-071115-janwallen-vmedinaphoto_img_0239-1When I got all the way to the top, I started looking at all the areas of my life, not just my career. I started asking myself what kind of life I really wanted to live, deep down. When I looked in the mirror at myself honestly, I had focused more on my career than on the rest of my life. I wanted to feel more balanced and have time for myself and for travel. 

I wanted to be the one in charge of my own schedule and my own income — and not worry about downsizings and mergers. Iwant to feel relaxed, free to do things more effectively, effectively andcreatively, satisfied and confident that I’m developing and using my potentialto make a difference for people.

What I saw in my mind was much more than a career that I had capped out on.

I wanted to be able to be out on a boat, a husband, family and friends — to be traveling. 

Deep down I believe we are meant to grow. When I felt capped out and restricted, even though I had been with these companies for several years – Yes, we did good things with sales. Yes, we did good things with CRM. Yes, we did good things growing the company and providing solutions.

I realized at the end of the day that what’s most importantto me is to be able to create the world as I see it in my mind. That’s when I decided to leave corporate.

I left and started my own business – selling skills consulting. Here I had the opportunity to design it the way I wanted it to be, to work with the clients I want to work with, and to determine my schedule and income.

I overcame the challenges of starting the business being burned out from corporate and learning to manage all the hats an entrepreneur wears. Plus being the one responsible for booking all the business and keeping income coming in steadily. And taking more time and more money to generate
income and bring in a steady stream of clients. 

I started having some successes — met the right people. Then I stumbled on an amazing professional organization and doing business online. Once I stumbled on these, then everything shifted.

I became known as the expert and the Go-To person in my area.

Then things smoothed out and I realized I was creating the kind of life I wanted to create. I took time to spend with my family and friends. When my mother’s health started declining, I went to Boulder, Colorado to look after her. I found a place to housesit that was two blocks from the retirement
community she lived in. I spent almost 3 months in Boulder with her — managing my business from there.

I can work from anywhere now that I have my own business — and I do.

That would never happen if I stayed in corporate. I’d be inside all the time or traveling like crazy, with someone else directing what I do with my day,
and capped at the leveland income I could achieve.

And then clients started coming to me because they wanted to leave corporate life, start their own business and live the life of freedom on their own terms. They, too, wanted less stress, more balance, and to have the freedom to live the life they saw in their minds – living on their terms, their own way – doing what’s important to them.

For example, one of my clients had left corporate and finished a certification program and then another program to get her business set up and get clients. When we met, she had no clients, no coaching packages to offer, no website, and wasn’t clear on her niche.

We started working together, and in less than 8 weeks, she got her first client and her first speaking engagement. Her website was up, she had coaching packages to offer, and she knew what to charge. She was in business, doing what she’d dreamed of before she left corporate.

With my own business now, I really make a difference in people’s lives because I help them start their business without the gap that usually happens after they leave corporate – the gap with no clients and little revenue.

And I started living the life I wanted to live – the one I’ve created – on our boat, traveling, being out and around working with people all over the world, and looking at venues for my retreats and cruises.

Now I’m in a place where I have honed in on exactly who I want to work with — who I want to serve.

Your Next Steps

If this sounds like you — Read my blog posts about Corporate Hangover and click to download the Top 10 Corporate Hangover

Cures. Listen to my video interview on Freedom Entrepreneurs — go to the Where’s Jan page. 

And start two lists:  1) Why I’m Leaving Corporate and 2) What Will Be Different in my Life of Corporate Freedom. 

Then contact me to schedule your Corporate Freedom Gameplan Call — via email at or PM on Messenger or the Contact page.

Jan Wallen Bio

Jan Wallen has orchestrated several career changes – from corporate sales to selling skills consultant and advisor, to author, to socialselling and social media expert, thought leader and media authority. Now she helps successful people who are feeling stressed, stuck and held back in their corporate life or job, and want to trade that for the life they’ve dreamed of with a Corporate Freedom Gameplan so they don’t sacrifice their income while they make the transition.

Jan’s style is engaging, encouraging and positive. She has endless patience, using the best practices methods for professionals and executives to learn. Jan’s presentations are interactive and practical, with plenty of time for Q&A.

Because of her up-to-date knowledge and areas of expertise, Jan’s professional advice and expertise are sought after and sourced by publications and media including: NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, Business NewsDaily, the Business Insider, Health & Wellness Network of Commerce, Shelley Palmer Blog, LinkedIntelligence,Entrepreneur Podcast Network, iCANny’s webcast , and radio shows including IntoTomorrow and BlogTalk Radio (Lead Generation and Prospecting), SignificantBusiness Results (The New Social Selling Revolution), Smart Women Talk Radio (Turn your Connections into Clients) and Radio Jobline (Social Media for your Job Search).

Jan is a Certified SCORE Mentor and Counselor, and First Vice President at Lifetime Learning Institute at Bard College.