My Mission: starting from my Mission  jan-standing-brown-vertical-071115-janwallen-vmedinaphoto_img_0239-1

I found my Mission and designed my business around it.

What is it?  Helping mission-based entrepreneurs who are struggling with their marketing get their message and expertise out into the world, so they can make changes in lives and in the world.

I do that by using my own ExpertiseDNA™ — differentiating my clients from the sea of others in their area, positioning them for their Ideal Clients and packaging their expertise.

Here’s how I’m doing it.

My story: from sales to solopreneur  

My corporate background was in sales, where my secret to creating results was redesigning generic sales presentations to fit local contexts: from the 30 seconds you have in New York to get someone’s attention (and have them say YES!) to places where they don’t do business until you talk politics and sports, or a state where they’re used to working by phone more than in person. In other words? Shaping my offer to fit the specific context, or niche, I was working in.  

When I moved into consulting I used that same concept to help me guide clients to success. And when social media changed the world of selling and buying, I realized just how important this skill would be for everyone. So I created The Social Selling Blueprint and wrote my second book The New Social Selling Revolution, with the solutions to those challenges. Eventually, I decided to leave the corporate world and become a coach. Like so many of us I wanted to make a difference and enjoy the freedom to design my own life.

I quickly noticed that a lot of my fellow solopreneurs and coaches were struggling to choose their niche of Ideal Clients.

The way most of us are taught, niching doesn’t work.

I see a lot of programs and courses teaching niching from the outside in. You’re told to look around at what others are doing, or at who you’d like to work with, and choose a niche that you like the sound of. Some people even advise you to ‘just pick any niche’ to get started. This is terrible advice! As a smart, capable business owner you CAN do a lot of things – but it’s only by doing what you’re uniquely wired to do that will actually move your business forward.

They were facing the exact same problems I’d solved in my work with C-level executives. So many smart, strategic thinking business owners weren’t making the progress they could, simply because they weren’t being given the right guidance to own their unique expertise.

My years of experience taught me that a successful, sustainable niche begins with looking inwards and discovering who YOU really are. It’s why I call it your ExpertiseDNA™ – because the blueprint for who you help and how you help them is already within you, contained in your unique combination of values, skills, talents and experience.

That’s why I started Your ExpertiseDNA™ Launchpad programs and retreats.

Jan Wallen Bio

Jan Wallen has orchestrated several career changes – fromcorporate sales to selling skills consultant and advisor, to author, to socialselling and social media expert, thought leader, media authority and ExpertiseDNA™ Niche Matchmaker.

She has given over 100 presentations and trained more than 1,000 professionals and salespeople at all career levels and technology experience — showing them how to get more clients and advance their careers. Jan’sstyle is engaging, encouraging and positive. She has endless patience, using the best practices methods for professionals and executives to learn. Jan’s presentations are interactive, with plenty of time for Q&A.

Because of her up-to-date knowledge and areas of expertise,Jan’s professional advice and expertise are sought after and sourced bypublications and media including: NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, Business NewsDaily, the Business Insider, Health & Wellness Network of Commerce, Shelley Palmer Blog, LinkedIntelligence,Entrepreneur Podcast Network, iCANny’s webcast , and radio shows including IntoTomorrow and BlogTalk Radio (Lead Generation and Prospecting), SignificantBusiness Results (The New Social Selling Revolution), Smart Women Talk Radio(Turn your Connections into Clients) and Radio Jobline (Social Media for your Job Search).

Jan is a Certified SCORE Mentor and Counselor, and Board Member-at-Large at Lifetime Learning Institute at Bard College.