social media businessTwo weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at the NSA-NYC (National Speakers Association, New York City chapter) MeetUp about maximizing LinkedIn and how to get more speaking engagements with your profile and your activity on LinkedIn.  A number of questions arose about where do you start, and where does LinkedIn fit in with the rest of your marketing? And how do you have enough time in your day for social media?

Since I started using LinkedIn more and more after I wrote my book, I found it works very well to cluster my time and do similar networking and marketing activities at the same times every week. In doing this, I’ve streamlined the way I work, and really focus.  As a result, I spend less time and get more real results.

  • The Magic is in the Mix. Whether you want speaking engagements, new clients, more face-to-face meetings, or referrals and introductions from LinkedIn, always ask yourself this question every week, “What is the one thing that will make the most difference for my business this week?”  Then focus on that all week – in your online networking, in person meetings, phone calls, writing and everything else you do. There’s no one ‘Silver Bullet”. The Magic is in the Mix. Continue to use every marketing avenue that you currently use, and stay focused.
  • Know what differentiates you from others who provide similar services.  Perhaps you take the time to get to know your clients and their goals and challenges, and then help them solve them in the best way.  Perhaps you’re quick and provide solutions quickly.  If you’re not sure, ask your clients why they chose you, and what’s more helpful about working with you and your company.
  • Cluster your time.  Before LinkedIn, I woke up and read the newspaper with my morning cup of coffee. Now I wake up, scan the newspaper, scan LinkedIn – the updates and news, and spend 15 minutes catching up with people in my network, setting meetings with them, and updating them on things that will advance their networking, sales and businesses. I check e-mail twice a day – in the morning and the afternoon. I ask people to call me if they want to reach me in between times.  This has really streamlined my marketing and social media time, so I get the best result with the least amount of time.

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As always – Success to you!