LinkedIn in a Flash!

Cut Through the Hype — Get to the Essentials

Do What Works

More Views – Connections – Sales Conversations – More Clients

Faster than Traditional Methods

With all the change and uncertainty now, time is more valuable than ever. We don’t have time to waste time.

The world has changed. Things aren’t the same, especially in the world of business.

  • We must find ways to quickly
  • get up-to-speed
  • find new creative ways to earn income
  • keep our businesses and lives going
  • move forward, together
  • see new possibilities and opportunities – and take action!

Now we must be FAST at the things that matter and make the most difference.

For example:
1) Cash flow generating activities – find and do them faster
2) Showing our clients how to say, “Yes!” – help them make the buying decision faster
3) Working with our clients — faster
4) Getting the Results & Outcomes our clients want – faster
5) Developing new services and solutions – faster

With LinkedIn, you can get clients faster than traditional methods, when you know the right things to do.

With LinkedIn in a Flash! you get to the essentials – what really works.

When we work together, you can master the only 3 things you must know to guarantee new clients:
1. Generate Leads – In person. Referrals. Introductions. Social Media
2. Connect and Engage with Prospective Clients – Your Story. What to Say. What Not to Say. Where Social Media Fits
3. Follow Up & Close – The Sales Conversation — With Non-pushy Tactics that Gain Buy-In so your clients say “Yes” right away.


The Top 3 Steps to Take – In-a-Flash!

#1 – Step Up and be the leader you are

We’re in a cycle. You have valuable expertise that people are look for now. Devote this time to being visible and proactive, preparing for the upward cycle that’s coming. Leverage your knowledge and expertise to help people achieve the results and outcomes they want – write the book you’ve meant to write, create an online course, give virtual workshops. Let people know about it on LinkedIn with posts, articles, updates and videos.

#2 — Make your LinkedIn profile your salesperson

People who view your profile decide to connect and contact you based on your profile and how well it shows that you’re the expert who can help them achieve the results and outcomes they want. People pay for the services that will help them achieve the Results and Outcomes they want. Especially in times of uncertainty, it’s critical to talk about your Results and Outcomes (not the “how you do it”).

#3– Keep your LinkedIn network going and find new opportunities


Your network is a goldmine. It’s more important now to keep in touch with your network and your clients. Find out how they’re doing and what they’re doing. You may be making changes. They may make changes. Be proactive and find opportunities with LinkedIn, keeping in touch and finding new opportunities with business and competitive intelligence on LinkedIn.



When you’re ready, here are 4 ways we can help you grow your business and your network

  1. Watch my free LinkedIn – In a Flash! Masterclass

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Your complimentary LinkedIn In a Flash! call helps you

  • Clarify the 3-step Flash-Action Plan to keep your current clients and find new clients
  • Discover your ExpertiseDNA™ that positions and differentiates you for your ideal clients. Your ExpertiseDNA™ is your unique combination of values, skills and expertise that makes you the expert.
  • Identify your Top 3 Flash-Action Steps to make your LinkedIn profile your salesperson in a highly competitive marketplace so you get more views, more connections, more sales conversations and more clients

 What people are saying . . .

“I have experienced positive results from my work with Jan. Over the past year I have put Jan’s LinkedIn marketing tactics to work, and looking back, I am amazed by the results. I have expanded my LinkedIn network, and I just closed a very large sale with a Fortune 500 company. Would not have happened if I had not discovered and applied what I learned from Jan.Peter C. Ekstrom. Rain-Maker for Tech Companies

 “Wow! I just really had so much click into place. I’ve been struggling with my worth, owning my worth, charging for it, you name it.  Your ExpertiseDNA™ Launchpad has given me a clarity I have not had before. I’ve tried to do this many other times — your content and delivery really resonated and worked for me. I feel more confident and clear in who I am and what I have to offer. Today something totally shifted. After … learning about my ExpertiseDNA™ — it finally hit me how valuable I actually am. … My clients will be getting amazing information! Partnered with the healing + coaching I do first then with my sales & marketing background — it’s so unique and so valuable.” Diahana Barnes, Success and Business Coach