Your social media profiles are your sales pieces, and their purpose is to show the reader that you’re the best one to work with.

To be compelling, your profiles must tell people what you do, what’s in it for them — the question everyone is asking when they read anything – why you’re the best one to choose, and a call-to-action.

The profiles that get the best results are easy to read, with plenty of headlines and bullet points. They tell your story clearly and concisely – like a text message. They talk about your Expertise DNA – the one thing that sets you apart in a positive way and differentiates you.

For companies, it’s your USP (Unique Selling Position) or Value Proposition.

For a job search, it’s the one thing that sets you apart, a theme, a unique combination of skills and expertise you have that everyone else doesn’t. For example, my clients are multi-talented. They’ve achieved success in their careers. If the buyer or job decision-maker says, “Yes! That’s what I’m looking for” – you know you have a Compelling Presence.

And if you’re multi-talented, with a number of skills, your profiles must talk about one thing – your Expertise DNA. The biggest mistake you can make is to list all of your skills and the many industries you’ve worked in. The junior person screening profiles will think you’re unfocused and vague because most people can’t do more than one thing well. And because he or she doesn’t have the business experience and depth to understand what it takes to be a successful executive, or someone who’s on the executive-level track.

Your Next Action Step: Review your social media profiles. Do they copy your website, or marketing copy, or your resume? If so, change it ASAP! You’re missing out on opportunities.