You’ll find ideas and resources you can use in 10 minutes or less to:

  • Decode your ExpertiseDNA™ — your unique combination of values, passions, skills and experience that differentiates you from others in your field.
  • Match it to your Ideal Clients, and
  • Package your expertise into your Core Signature Program to offer in person, by phone and online.
  • Create your Compelling Marketing Message – know what to say on your website, sales pages and networking meetings

When you follow them and take 10 minutes to follow through with the extras with each post, you’ll know who you authentically are, what your best Niche is, ways to offer your services to your Ideal Clients and what to say on your website, sales pages and networking. And be on the path to your lucrative business.

I welcome your ideas for topics and challenges to cover here. Contact me by email.

Is your Discovery Call a Time Sponge – or a Time Saver?

Have you ever gone all the way through a discovery call or strategy session, only to find your prospective client says, “No” or “I can’t afford it?” – or simply doesn’t decide? It’s disappointing. Frustrating. Discouraging. And you’ve wasted time, taken time away from...

How to Stand Out from the Crowd Top 10 Checklist – Part 1

Do you look like everyone else? Look at your social media profiles. And your website. Find five other people who do what you do – if you’re a health and wellness coach, find five other health and wellness coaches. If you’re a business coach, find five other business...

The Purpose of Social Media – Build Relationships

We use social media every day. 65% of American adults are social media users. (Pew Research Center) Almost 9 in 10 companies in the United States use social media for marketing purposes (AdWeek) 75% of online adults use Facebook (Pew Research Center) 467 million...