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Creating your Success Story

My lifelong mission and quest have been to help professionals be more successful and more effective. Because of that, our work and approach are clearly distinguished from all other resources. 

I’ve invested thousands of hours (and dollars) in personal and professional development courses, books, webinars and online courses. In fact, I added it up, and I could have bought a luxury car for what I’ve invested.

I bring this to our work, so you don’t have to spend the thousands that I’ve spent, or made the mistakes I made (I made them, so you don’t have to).

We always have an agenda. You always have an Action Plan and know exactly what to do next.

First, We Teach You the Two Biggest 
Secrets to Success

Our programs and training are designed for success and results. We base them on the emerging trends and best practices, and what really works in today’s marketplace and job market. And we build the modules with a special focus on how you learn best and how they want to learn – that is, things that give you success – now!

The content and pacing are also based on the principles of effective learning. We cut away the fluff and zero in on the important information and skills. We also take a learn-and-do-immediately approach, so you immediately apply what you learn to your own day-to-day work. The programs are content-rich and practical. Our programs teach everything you need to know so that you achieve or exceed your goals successfully.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us, and our approach in working with clients, if it seems like a good fit for us to work together, call me at (203) 545-6104 or contact me.

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What people are saying…


 Jan is a bona fide expert on Linked having written the book “Mastering LinkedIn in 7 Days or Less”. But more importantly her passion is to make as many people as possible comfortable and proficient in using LinkedIn, whether it is for social, professional, or sales goals. I have attended her seminars and always learned something new although I have been on LinkedIn for years. In advising me, Jan went beyond the tactical aspect of how to use LinkedIn tools and gave me strategic advice on how to position myself and leverage my strengths toward my career goals. Her strategies and seminars are results-oriented. Jan is both personable and efficient in dealing with clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve not only his/her Profile but improve his/her very being.

Leon Fraser, Marketing Pro – Strategy Consultant – Business Educator