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Persuasive Kickoff Presentations and Keynotes

It’s your choice. You’re kicking off a new initiative. You can choose anyone you want for your next event. You can choose a speaker who gives the same presentation they’ve given for years.

OR . . . You can do something different — new — bold! And choose a speaker who has been where audience members are … – Go here for more details ->

Executive & Professional Branding

97% of companies, recruiters and private equity firms look at LinkedIn and social media first to fill an open position or when they have a business opportunity, according to LinkedIn. Companies and decision-makers look at LinkedIn first for business services they want. If your presence isn’t strong, it 1) doesn’t come up high in their search results, 2) doesn’t differentiate you, and 3) doesn’t tell a compelling story so they know why to choose you — you’re invisible. That’s where we come in. Our clients usually see results in the first week or two. – Go here for more details ->

Training and On-Demand Access

We are all about success. Because it’s most effective long-term, we design your programs to fit your needs and the results you want to achieve. Our focus in all of our programs is to measurably improve the sales and social media skills of each of the participants. In fact, we guarantee it. Before training begins, we get to know your company, products, services, competition and social media presence — as if we’re your salespeople. – Go here for more details ->

Persuasive Kickoff Presentations and Keynotes

Give your participants something new that they can use now! They want to walk out of the presentation feeling like they’re been given a new Super Power Tool that will immediately make a difference in what they do.

That’s exactly what Jan Wallen delivers.

Jan studies your company, your clients, your products and services, social media presence, and your competitors before her presentation, so she knows your company and the marketplace as well as your audience members do.

She quickly makes a connection with audience members and paints a vivid picture of the benefits of the new concepts and initiatives that you’re introducing. She gives people specific and relevant actions they can use immediately, and examples with real-life facts and figures that illustrate success with the new strategies and techniques.

Jan is a persuasive natural advisor who specializes in launching new initiatives, and is a social media evangelist and advocate. Her enthusiasm and passion inspire audience members to take action and gives them the confidence to try new ways.

Whether your audience size is 25 or 25,000, Jan quickly gains their buy-in and takes them to “Yes” with her presentations.

Presentations can be designed to accommodate any requirements for your audience and event.

Contact us to book Jan for your upcoming Kickoff Meeting, Annual Meeting, Seminar, Conference or Event!

Program Formats

Persuasive Kickoff Presentations are best delivered in person. Follow-up and reinforcement programs can be delivered in person, remotely with webcasts, or with on-demand access so your salespeople and business development professionals can learn 24/7, or a combination of all of these. If it seems like a good fit to work with us, Contact Jan or call her at (203) 545-6104.

What people are saying…

Jan Wallen is a terrific presenter – and the go-to person …, especially the best strategies to achieve your goals and save time. When she spoke to the New York Chapter of MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group) she was not just informative – – Jan kept the audience engaged throughout and sent them away with practical tips and personal action items. The comments from members were universally positive.close_quote

Laura deBuys, Executive Director at The Picture House

Executive & Professional Branding — Identifying your Expertise DNA

Your professional branding is critical when you’re in a field where hundreds or thousands of people do something similar to what you do. When you’re competing with many people, it’s easy to look the same as everyone else. And when everyone looks the same, the buying decision is made on price. (Or who knows whom.) For example:

For job searches: C-level executives. Everyone’s a “leader”. Almost everyone is a “strong leader”

Here’s how it works:

When the company with an open position (or your buyer) goes to social media, they have a picture in their mind of who they’re looking for. They may have a list of keywords to look for, a job description or criteria and specs for their project. They do the keyword search, and relevant profiles come up in the search results list. Then they scan the summary section, looking for 7 to 10 profiles to review in depth, and perhaps contact the executives. If your profile doesn’t come up near the top of the list, you’re invisible.

An additional challenge is that it may be a 28-year-old who’s been asked to do the search. They have a job description or the list of specs for the company they want to hire (industry experience, geography, etc.). They don’t have the business understanding (yet) to see from your profile or your Company page that you or your company fit the bill. So they skip you.

Your Expertise DNA. makes the difference. Through our proprietary process, we set you apart in your social media profiles, marketing materials, and even your elevator speech and presentations.

Our proprietary process also includes the How the World Sees You™ assessment. This is different from other assessments because it shows how you are valuable to others. Once you know how you add value, you’re more authentic and confident. The assessment gives you the exact words you need to make a brilliant impression, in your work, your job search, and in making career moves and changes.

I’ve reinvented myself several times, with big changes that were accepted when I explained it effectively. That’s what I help you do, too.

Program Formats

Executive and Professional Branding and Career Move Consulting can be delivered by phone or in person. If it seems like a good fit to work with us, Contact Jan or call her at (203) 545-6104.

What people are saying…

Jan coached me on re-working my LinkedIn page. I turned to her after she had been highly recommended by another CEO. She coached me through the process, upgrading my thinking on my approach, clearly telling me what parts of my previous approach had been bad (helpful). She offered fresh ideas (like adding video clips) that were distinctive and played to my strengths. I am definitely in a better place since working with Jan. In the two weeks since re-doing my LinkedIn page, I have been approached to interview for two new job opportunities — a significant upswing in activity.close_quote

Cliff Clive, Founder & CEO at MediNatura Incorporated

Training and On-Demand Access

Then your customized training program is designed with materials that are relevant to your day-to-day work. In all of our training programs, we take the change aspect into consideration. Adopting new ideas and new ways comes best with immediate success, so we give course participants ways to experience immediate success with the new principles and techniques they’re learning. The best learning happens when people apply it immediately to a real situation, and use it right away. All of our training programs are interactive, with learning and doing at every step. We also incorporate ways to reinforce what they’ve learned, so the learning and success keep going.

Program Formats

Training can be delivered in an in-person Seminar or Workshop, Remote Webcast, Teleseminar, Keynote or On-demand access where your salespeople and business development professionals can learn at their own pace 24/7. On-demand access includes books. ebooks, guides, MP3s and videos. If it seems like a good fit to work with us, Contact Jan or call her at (203) 545-6104.

What people are saying…

Jan Wallen’s information … is extremely effective. After working with Jan I had a step by step set of instructions on how to refine and expand my profile. I’ve been able to … form connections with past colleagues as well as new contacts. It’s brought peace of mind that this part of my social media and online strategy is current and has become a key part of my overall strategy. Jan makes things clear and outlines the outcomes in a useful and tangible way. I highly recommend working with her as a way of achieving real results, new leads and booking business.close_quote

Karen Jacobsen – The GPS Girl®, Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, Voice-Over Artist | Giving Directions for Driving Performance through Recalculating