If you’re not getting the results you want now, look at your social media presence and how your profiles are written.

Buying has changed.

People search for products and services online first. They want to work with and buy from the experts and thought leaders.

So has the job market and the way companies screen, look for your credentials, and make the decision to hire you.

What to do about it:

No one has time to read or do a lot of research.

Buyers are already have in mind what they want. They look online first. They want to see information that will help them make the buying decision, and they want it quickly and concisely.

For a job search, they want to attract and hire experts. They have a picture in their minds of the person they’re looking for before they search online. Many times it’s a junior person who does the initial search and screening for the position. They’re told, “Go to LinkedIn and social media and find someone who has these skills …” And they’re giving a list of skills to search for.

If you don’t have a Compelling Social Media Presence* — that is, if your profiles don’t come up in searches, and your social media profiles do not clearly and concisely show these 3 things, they skip you and go to someone else. * The Social Selling Blueprint Step #1

Social media sites set up algorithms. The algorithms determine which profiles come up and where they are on the search results list. They give weight to specific things – including areas of your profile, optimized (like SEO – Search Engine Optimization for websites), and your activity.

The reader wants to scan quickly and know that you meet their criteria for their short list. Otherwise, they skip your profile and go somewhere else. Be sure your profile shows:

• You’re the expert and thought leader
• You have the products & skills they’re looking for, and
• Your credentials at a glance

Right now, before you look at your social media profiles again, write the answers to these questions:

1. What do you want to be known as the expert and thought leader for? “I’m the expert and thought leader in …”

2. What products and services (companies) and skills (job search) are my decision-makers looking for? What challenges do they have that I can solve?

3. What are my credentials? That is, how am I qualified to solve these challenges? What’s the path of experience and expertise that makes me qualified?