Have you ever gone all the way through a discovery call or strategy session, only to find your prospective client says, “No” or “I can’t afford it?” – or simply doesn’t decide?

It’s disappointing. Frustrating. Discouraging. And you’ve wasted time, taken time away from where you want to go — the business and lifestyle you want to create.

No worries. You’re not alone. I’ve been there with the disappointment that goes with it.

Now imagine the same session going all the way through and they say, “Yes! When can we start?”

And another session ending the same way. And another. And another.

And your days are filled with working only with clients you love. None of the difficult ones.

Seem impossible?

You can do specific things that make it highly likely that your discovery call and strategy session ends on the positive note with a new client.

Here are timesavers that you can use starting today.


Discovery and Breakthrough Strategy Sessions can be a tremendous time-saver if you know what to do. Or they can be a time-sponge.

Strategy Session Timesavers:

  1. When you first meet someone, ask them about themselves, the lifestyle they want to have ideally, and their vision and goals. When they tell you something about them, pursue it further (without pushing!) and ask how they decided to pursue that goal. Find out how long they’ve had that goal or dream if you can, without pushing.
  1. Invite people to schedule a Discovery or Strategy Session when you think they’d be a good fit for your programs. Give them the link to your scheduler or send them an email after you meet with your link, so they can schedule a time.
  1. Set up your scheduler to immediately send out a form that asks them several questions. (Acuity Scheduler is the one I use) Don’t make it too long, and at the same time, ask questions that are relevant to their being a good fit for you. See several starter questions below. Add to them and make them specific for you. (NOTE: If they don’t fill out the questionnaire, that’s a clue that they may not be willing to act or be a partner in working with you. You cannot make their changes for them.)
  1. Read their answers and look for red flags – indications that they may not be a good fit for you. Remember, you’re looking for your Ideal Clients. For example, look for clues like:
    • Are they ready vs. thinking about making changes?
    • Are they action-takers? Or procrastinators? (Keep in mind that you can stop procrastinating when you have clarity, and you may be giving them the clarity they need)
    • How likely are they to partner with you in making their changes? Or do they expect you to do it for them?
    • Beliefs around money
    • Will they keep their commitments?
    • Are they ready, willing and able to pay you your full fee upfront? (if that’s important to you)
  1. Make a list of your Red Flags and keep it handy when you read their questionnaire answers.

Remember – This is All About You!

“If you’re not at your best, your clients aren’t receiving your best”. Jan Wallen

Click to learn the 10 Timesaver Discovery Call Questions to Ask

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