Tell Your Story on LinkedIn & Social Media

Tell Your Story on LinkedIn and Social Media — Your Checklist

  1. Know your SuperPowers! The things you do naturally, easily, successfully


  1. Know what you’re looking for – your Ideal Client, your best strategic connections


  1. Know what your Ideal Clients and companies are looking for – the challenges they face and the solutions they want


  1. Your Ideal Clients have in their mind the solution they’re looking for. Paint a picture in your story of how you and your company fit that picture so they want to talk with you


  1. In your LinkedIn profile, paint a picture and tell your story so they see that you’re the expert and that you can help them


  1. In your LinkedIn profile, talk about the outcomes and results you’ve achieved for your clients. People open their wallets and pay for guidance and help when you talk about the Outcomes, not the “how” you do it.


  1. In your networking, make it targeted — in person or online in LinkedIn. Be sure you’re in touch with people who can hire you or refer you to someone who can help you. Meetings like Chamber meetings are not often targeted groups.


  1. Write your story about an example of what makes you and your company different from others. Describe one of your favorite projects or accomplishments, how you like to help people and an example of how you’ve done that. Put your story on LinkedIn and social media, and use it when you meet people


  1. Connect with people strategically on LinkedIn. Be sure you’re a good fit for each other, and that you can help each other. And build a relationship with them.


  1. Do Not connect primarily with the intention of a sales pitch! And Do Not “Pitch”!!! Start the conversation and building the relationship first, and then ask them if they want help with their challenges and are open to hearing about if and how you might help them.


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Jan Wallen

 Imagine – 1) A new client with 1 phone call (not many calls, not long strategy sessions, not “I’ll think about it”, not social media ads); 2) Creating a Signature Talk that results in sales of services and books at the back of the room, every time; 3) Speaking engagements and podcast guest bookings in 2 weeks or less.

Those are a few of the results Jan helps her clients get (and she’s done them herself – she doesn’t ask anyone to do something she hasn’t done.)

Jan Wallen’s mastery is simplifying the sales process and cutting through the tech-webinars-social media ads-marketing funnels hype. She finds the strategies and conversations that grow service businesses faster than traditional methods.

As a result of working with Jan, her clients sidestep avoid the costly mistakes that keep them from getting clients. They often see results in the first week or two.

Jan built a successful business primarily through speaking and selling her books and consulting services at the back of the room to Fortune 100 and 500 companies and their salespeople, entrepreneurs and associations. She has also written their stories in their LinkedIn profiles and now shares her success strategies with entrepreneurs and experts. Because of her up-to-date knowledge and areas of expertise, Jan’s professional advice and expertise are sought after and sourced by publications and media including NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, Business News Daily, the Business Insider and podcasts and live shows.