Corporate Hangover slows business owners down if they’ve had successful corporate careers.

It’s insidious and sneaks up on you. Here’s what it does:

It keeps you from moving ahead faster to establish your business, set up your website, pick your Niche and get out there meeting potential clients and articulating what you do.

How do you know if you have it? 

  • You think you should be further along with your business. You think you should have more clients, more credibility established, and more visibility by now.
  • You think things should happen faster. It seems to take hours and hours to accomplish something straightforward. After all, you did things quickly in corporate life.
  • You wonder what’s wrong with you. You’ve tried many things – online programs, training, reading, asking questions – and certainly worked hard. In corporate, when something didn’t work, you pulled out all the stops and made it work. This time, you’ve done that and it’s not working.
  • You’ve done everything you can and still don’t have your Niche. Or you have a Niche and aren’t sure it’s the right one. So you hesitate to put up your website or have trouble writing your website copy. You look around at other coaches and what they’re doing. You think to yourself, “I can do that”. And look at someone doing something else, and say, “I can do that”.
  • You don’t know where to start to package all that expertise you gained in your corporate career. You can do so many things. And you have. There are so many things possible, and that you can do. How to choose?  And how to package it all?

If this resonates with you, no worries. You’re not alone.

There are Corporate Hangover Cures. Stay tuned for cures and Action Steps you can take immediately to leave Corporate Hangover behind and move your business ahead. Take time to read the posts here and the freebies that come with the posts. Follow the Action Plan that comes with each one.

If you’re not making the progress you want as fast as you want, let’s chat. Schedule a 20-minute Corporate Hangover Cure Strategy Session (no charge) with Jan. Send an email to Jan at [email protected] and put Corporate Hangover Cure in the Subject line.

What Corporate Hangovers are holding you back?

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Jan Wallen has cured her Corporate Hangovers (mostly) and is living the life she loves – leading retreats in beautiful fun places, working with clients she loves and traveling. She’s had several successful careers in corporate sales and marketing, and as an entrepreneur, speaker and author. She works with coaches and solo-entrepreneurs who want to decode their ExpertiseDNA™ and build lucrative values-based businesses around their purpose and talents.