Working together is perfect for you

If . . .

  • You want to turn your connections into clients, on and off of social media. That is, meet people in your networking and you want more of them become your clients. And people you connect with on social media – you want more of them to become your clients
  • You want to know how to take networking to the next step — the sales conversation
  • You have a collection of business cards, and nothing happens with them
  • You have lots of social media connections, though they don’t become clients
  • You’re spending hours on social media and are not getting clients
  • You’re working all the time and want to have more time to spend with your family


Who I Work With

Experts, consultants, coaches, speakers and authors call me when they want to create more clients and spend less time doing it.

I work with like-minded, multi-talented clients with service businesses who are referred to me by people I know, like and trust. And when I’ve been inspired by someone, I invite them to a powerful coaching conversation. If you’re seeing this page, then you know me, or someone has sent you my way.

You have a BIG vision for how you want to make a difference, and the lifestyle you want to live. Working all the time, missing out on family activities and your kids’ big accomplishments, and having no time or freedom for travel is not part of your lifestyle picture.

You are successful and action-oriented. You know what it takes to be successful. You do it persistently, and don’t give up. And you have fun doing it.

You are comfortable being uncomfortable, and take risks because it means you’re growing. You know that being in your comfort zone derails your sales and makes you stagnant, still working too hard for little results.

You want guidance and strategies that work – non-traditional ones, and not what everyone else is doing. 

You want to cut through the hype and do what really works. Now.

You inspire me with your Vision and approach.

You are committed to doing what it takes. And you do it.