Working together is perfect for you

If . . .

  • You want to turn your connections into clients In-A-Flash! – faster than traditional methods, on and off of social media. That is, build stronger relationships with people in your network so that they become clients. And new people you connect with – in-person, with networking, referrals and introductions
  • You’re multi-talented and have done many things, and want to create more clients and a business model that fits who you are and your purpose. Your ideal clients don’t always understand what you can do for them
  • Your message doesn’t represent you well or resonate with your ideal clients. Your website, LinkedIn profile, social media profiles, speaker sheet and bio look like everyone else’s – or shows what you have been doing and now you’re providing different services.


Who I Work With

Experts, consultants, speakers and authors call me when they want to create more clients and make the cash register ring, and spend less time doing it.

I work with like-minded, multi-talented clients with service businesses who are referred to me by people I know, like and trust. And when I’ve been inspired by someone, I invite them to a conversation to explore if and how I can help them make the cash register ring. If you’re seeing this page, then you know me, or someone has sent you my way.

You are successful and action-oriented. You know what it takes to be successful. You do it persistently, and don’t give up. And you have fun doing it.

You haven’t always done the same thing. You take risks and make changes because it means you’re growing.

You want guidance and strategies that work – non-traditional ones, and not what everyone else is doing.

You want to cut through the hype and make the cash register ring, doing what you want to do, and what really works. Now.

You inspire me with your Vision and approach.

You are committed to doing what it takes. And you do it.